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Centre Accessibility

Accessibility at Thamesgate

At Thamesgate, we pride ourselves on being the centre for such a large community. We provide premises for shops to cater to everyone’s needs and have the facilities to support it all. One of the greatest assets of the shopping centre is how accessible we are for everyone.

Being situated on the in the heart of the town, we are easily findable for everyone already out and about. The centre is wheelchair friendly, with no stairs or lifts to bypass, and can be accessed and navigated on foot, making it the perfect place to stop by for anyone with anything they need to buy.

For those coming from further afield, Thamesgate has parking spaces for 364 vehicles. Costs are as low as 50p for the whole day on a Sunday, and help make us that extra bit available for all of Gravesend.

Like all great shopping centres, we are easily reachable by public transport. Our shopping centre is just a five minute walk from the train station and has many buses connecting to nearby stops.

You can see how easy it is to reach Thamesgate, and with all the wonderful shops we have inside, we are delighted to be able to bring so much joy and convenience to the people of Gravesend.