Follow the Bear Partnership

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Thamesgate are delighted to announce that we are in partnership with Follow the Bear.

Follow the Bear work to help prevent children from being getting lost. Signs are installed across Thamesgate Shopping Centre featuring the Bear with directional arrows on his tummy. These arrows will direct any lost children to a Safety Station, where their safety can be taken in hand and they can be helped to find those they have lost.

A Safety Station is a location where lost children are directed to receive help in reuniting them with their parents or guardians. The Safety Station will always be manned by one of several members of the Thamesgate team, who will make it their top priority to bring groups back together.

Follow the Bear will be supplying wristbands for children, free of charge, upon which their guardians’ mobile numbers are written, ensuring that their return is swift, prompt and as stress free as possible.

At Thamesgate, our top priority is making sure that everyone is safe and has a pleasant experience. It is these values that have led us into partnership with Follow the Bear, who have been doing a wonderful job of reuniting lost children with their parents in large complexes across the country.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Follow the Bear signs going up around the shopping centre!

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