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Car Park Improvement Works

The Car Park improvement works at Thamesgate have now been completed

What have we done?

The car park had some structural damage and bare concrete:

The damage has now been fixed, and the concrete freshly painted:


On the top floor, new drainage channels have been installed, and the floor coated with a SIKA RBV28 deck waterproofing system with anti-slip properties.  Walls are freshly repainted walls, with clear markings for parking spaces and directional arrows:


Moving around the car park, clear arrows on the up and down lanes improve driver awareness when navigating:


Delineated pedestrian walkways have been added for safer movement for customers around the car park, and there’s updated lighting for safer parking:

Entrance & Exit

Previously lane access to the car park was narrow, causing queues and potential risk of vehicle damage:

With the addition of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) traffic can free-flowing and the entrance has been improved by removing the ticket barriers and islands:


The outdated payment machines could only take the correct change or contactless payments, and the signage and instructions were confusing:

Now payment can be made in multiple ways and there is clear, visible signage located all around the car park:


Find out more about parking payment methods here.