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Great Value at Thamesgate

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At Thamesgate, we have a selection of stores offering great value on a variety of products. With stores such as Wilko, your daily essentials are covered, and you have a terrific opportunity to make savings across kitchenware, outdoor living and home items. With everything from food and drink, to homeware and garden products, you can find some of the best value for money at Thamesgate.

For all things food related, Farmfoods has a fantastic selection of frozen foods at great prices. Save on your weekly shop and choose from a large variety of products, with a helpful and dedicated customer service team on hand to answer any of your queries. On the other side of the centre, The Works can be found, providing excellent value for books, stationary, arts & crafts supplies and gifts to suit all manner of occasions.

Thamesgate are proud to provide customers with a choice of high quality and trusted stores, with great prices, all under one roof. Whatever your need and whatever your budget, Thamesgate will have the solution for you.


Accessibility of the Centre

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At Thamesgate, we pride ourselves on being the centre for such a large community. We provide premises for shops to cater to everyone’s needs and have the facilities to support it all. One of the greatest assets of the shopping centre is how accessible we are for everyone.

Being situated on the in the heart of the town, we are easily findable for everyone already out and about. The centre is wheelchair friendly, with no stairs or lifts to bypass, and can be accessed and navigated on foot, making it the perfect place to stop by for anyone with anything they need to buy.

For those coming from further afield, Thamesgate has parking spaces for 364 vehicles. Costs are as low as 50p for the whole day on a Sunday, and help make us that extra bit available for all of Gravesend.

Like all great shopping centres, we are easily reachable by public transport. Our shopping centre is just a five minute walk from the train station and has many buses connecting to nearby stops.

You can see how easy it is to reach Thamesgate, and with all the wonderful shops we have inside, we are delighted to be able to bring so much joy and convenience to the people of Gravesend.

Follow the Bear Partnership

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Thamesgate are delighted to announce that we are in partnership with Follow the Bear.

Follow the Bear work to help prevent children from being getting lost. Signs are installed across Thamesgate Shopping Centre featuring the Bear with directional arrows on his tummy. These arrows will direct any lost children to a Safety Station, where their safety can be taken in hand and they can be helped to find those they have lost.

A Safety Station is a location where lost children are directed to receive help in reuniting them with their parents or guardians. The Safety Station will always be manned by one of several members of the Thamesgate team, who will make it their top priority to bring groups back together.

Follow the Bear will be supplying wristbands for children, free of charge, upon which their guardians’ mobile numbers are written, ensuring that their return is swift, prompt and as stress free as possible.

At Thamesgate, our top priority is making sure that everyone is safe and has a pleasant experience. It is these values that have led us into partnership with Follow the Bear, who have been doing a wonderful job of reuniting lost children with their parents in large complexes across the country.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Follow the Bear signs going up around the shopping centre!

Welcome to Thamesgate

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Welcome to Thamesgate, the heart of Gravesend’s shopping!

Open seven days a week and easy to reach by car, on foot or by public transport, Thamesgate is one of the central points for shopping in Gravesend. Purpose built in 1975 as a hub for local retail, it is now home to many of the most well known shops and brands on the British high street, including Wilko, Burger King, The Works, Superdrug and Specsavers.

At Thamesgate, we pride ourselves on offering a broad selection of goods and services to both the shops that feature, as well as the customers who come by every day.


Goods and services

The services don’t end there; Thamesgate is happy to host a number of kiosks on a daily basis, offering various services such as mobile phone repair and displaying a wide range of goods that make for excellent gifts. The centre is laid out entirely on the ground floor, which makes it ideal for those needing wheelchair access, as well as making navigation easier for those on the lookout for a specific shop.


Easy Access

Parking is easy, with 364 spaces available and prices as low as 50p for the whole day on a Sunday. Of course, being located in the heart of Gravesend, it is easily reachable on foot from the town itself, and makes a great place for a day out shopping.


Value Shopping

At Thamesgate, we cater to the things you really need. Our centre is a one stop shop for all of life’s essentials, at an affordable cost. We understand the stresses of family life and have tailored your experience to be as easy and welcoming as possible. In the Gravesend area? Come on down to Thamesgate Shopping Centre and find everything you need under one roof!


Thamesgate are delighted to play their part for the Gravesend community, and will soon be playing a part in the St George’s Day Parade. Check back for more details in due course…